TM71 AccuMate and OptiMate permanent weatherproof connection lead.

TM71 AccuMate OptiMate permanent weatherproof lead


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This is the latest version of the fused permanent connection lead. This fused eyelet lead is the same as the one currently supplied with every AccuMate & OptiMate. It has a rubber cover for the 2-pin connector as well as for the fuseholder. You can use additional leads to fit one to every vehicle which requires its battery to be charged - in this way an AccuMate or OptiMate can be used with several vehicles on a rotational basis very simply and quickly. They are of particular use where the vehicle is exposed to water a lot.

Simply connect the 2 ring terminals to your battery and the 2-pin connector will always be available to connect your AccuMate to without having to delve into the vehicle.

This accessory will work with AccuMate, OptiMate, AccuMate PRO, Pro5 and OptiMate PRO-8. (also Pro-8-S via converter leads) NB this lead does not fit OptiMate I or OptiMate II (pre-Sept. 2000).

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